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Minnesota, we've got you covered

Awan wenno nababa ti bayadan a masakupan iti salun-at manipud iti Plano iti Komunidad ti UnitedHealthcare. Learn about UnitedHealthcare Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare (Medicaid) plans coming to Minnesota.

Ti panangtulong kadagiti tattao ti sentro ti amin nga ar-aramidenmi

All Minnesotans deserve affordable health care, including you. We’re excited to announce that starting January 1, 2022 we’ll offer UnitedHealthcare Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare (Medicaid) plans to help Minnesotans get healthy — and stay healthy. We cover adults, people with disabilities, pregnant women and children with our Minnesota Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare (Medicaid) plans.

Get a plan that gives you more. UnitedHealthcare has a large provider network in Minnesota. That gives you more options to choose the right doctors and specialists to fit your health care needs. We also offer more services and extras, which can make a real difference in your life.

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The American Indian (AI) Health Statement

American Indians can continue or begin to use tribal and Indian Health Services (IHS) clinics. We will not require prior approval or impose any conditions for you to get services at these clinics. For elders age 65 years and older this includes Elderly Waiver (EW) services accessed through the tribe. If a doctor or other provider in a tribal or IHS clinic refers you to a provider in our network, we will not require you to see your primary care provider prior to the referral.

See why Minnesotans choose UnitedHealthcare

Aniaman a plano a piliem, tulungannaka ti UnitedHealthcare a mangala iti taripato a kasapulam.

  • Large variety of network doctors
  • No-cost telehealth visits
  • Low - or no-cost prescription drugs

Starting January 1, 2022, UnitedHealthcare Community plan is excited to serve the 7-county, Twin Cities metro area with UnitedHealthcare Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare (Medicaid). This includes Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington counties.

MN annual health plan selection for UnitedHealthcare Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare (Medicaid) ends12/7/2022

Join us for our back-to-school events! Come back shortly to learn more.

Minnesota health plans as low as $0 cost

Families & Children Medical Assistance

  • No-cost or low-cost
  • Dagiti masikog ken ubbing
  • Adults without children 
  • Low-income individuals and families
  • Dagiti bulag ken addaan disabilidad nga indibidual

Minnesota Special Needs Basic Care (SNBC) Medicaid Only

  • A 24-hour nurse phone line to answer questions about your health
  • Koordinasyon ti Pannakataripato
  • Tips for healthy living to help you stay well
  • The option to join a member focus group to provide feedback on health plan services
  • You may get even more benefits depending on which SNBC health plan you choose. Contact Member Services to learn more

Minnesota Senior Care Plus (MSC+)

  • Large variety of doctors and hospitals
  • No-cost telehealth visits
  • Dagiti nababa wenno awan bayadna a naireseta nga agas
  • No costs for most benefits and services
  • Virtual telehealth visits
  • Sanvello app to help improve mental health
  • Meal and food deliveries
  • Services to help find stable housing 


  • No-cost or low-cost
  • Low-income individuals and families
  • Dagiti bulag ken addaan disabilidad nga indibidual
  • All ages

Featured programs for Minnesota


Boys & Girls Club partnership

If your child is a member (age 6–17), they’re eligible for a free Boys & Girls Club membership at participating clubs. Saludsod? Stop by our Saint Paul location.

690 Jackson St.
Saint Paul, MN 55130

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan representatives available to help answer questions and get you set up.

The Boys & Girls Clubs in Minnesota give kids a safe and comfortable place to spend their free time. Clubs are open when schools are not, and provide a positive environment for building relationships, developing character and having fun. The membership includes after-school programs, mentoring and help with homework.


Medical Assistance (Medicaid) and MinnesotaCare Plans 101: What will be covered

Minnesota Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare (Medicaid) plans will cover:

  • Taripato para iti nakaradkad ken agsakit
  • Taripato iti panagsikog
  • Care for long-term conditions
  • Dental, vision and hearing care
  • Taripato ti pagtaengan ken dagiti suplay
  • Rides and other services

Benefits may vary by plan type and eligibility. To learn more, visit


Periodiko ti miembro ti HealthTalk

Ti HealthTalk a pagiwarnak ket addan iti online. Dagiti pagiwarnak ket nasayaat a wagas a pangammoan iti maipapan iti planomi iti salun-at ken dagiti napapateg a topiko iti salun-at.

Mabalinmo basaen iti aniaman nga oras, sadinoman a kayatmo. Kitaen daytoy tunggal tallo a bulan para iti baro nga edisyon.

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In the Community, Minnesota

Reach out, be present, impact lives. Our mission at UnitedHealthcare is very simple – helping people live healthier lives. Watch this video to learn more.

Our mission at UnitedHealthcare is very simple and it’s helping people live healthier lives.

Our purpose is to really put community in the United Healthcare Community Plan.

And our commitment is to serve the most vulnerable.

Reach out, be present, impact lives, and that's really big for us. That's really some of the values that drive this Minnesota health plan. 

We have connected in the last four months with over three dozen community based organizations.

We have connected in the last four months with over three dozen community based organizations.

And I am hopeful that we will have well over 100 events in any calendar year so that we truly do reach out and be present.

It shows that there's people out there supporting other people. They can rely on your neighbor, you can rely on the school, the Boys and Girls Club, UnitedHealthcare, whoever that happens to be.

Today we’re packaging about 2700 bags, 5400 meals.

People will be getting meals thanks to Meals on Wheels and our partnership with UnitedHealthcare.

It’s not just about funding those organizations to do the work. We’re participating in it.

And if we're going to address health inequities and racial disparities, we need to first have a very broad network and we were successful in doing that. 

We're looking to make sure we have in our network providers that are not only within 30 minutes of a member, but within 30 minutes of a public transportation route of our members.

But a bigger part of what we do is really seeing our members as real people and that starts with us being in community and getting to know them.

We want to be here and we want to experience joy with you. We want experience happiness with you.

That's when we really start changing the dynamic. That's really when things start to shift.



Important news and dates:

More information about UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Minnesota will be available in the coming months. Please check back regularly for updates and news. Reminder of upcoming key dates:

  • Annual Health Plan Selection Period: ends 12/7/22
  • 2023 Enrollment - Your plan benefits will start on: 1/1/23
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